When it suddenly feels like Christmas at kdg campus ...

When it suddenly feels like Christmas at kdg campus ...
... it’s high time, to say thank you for your trust and partnership. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas break, and all the best for 2018.
A Christmas tree was definitely needed, fresh from the forest. You could literally smell it. Like the first snow of the season. And then suddenly there was an aroma of freshly-baked biscuits around the campus, which made you stop and sniff the air in surprise. Unexpectedly, that aroma magically transports you while you are rushing from one appointment to the next, with a smile on your face. With an expectant „mmmm“ in your taste buds. That’s how simple it is, when it comes to Christmas. Even at the height of the season’s hustle and bustle. We simply took a little time. All of a sudden it was there, captivating us in its magic. And we wish the same for you. This feeling of coming home and stay there perfectly happy after a frantic marathon of work and commitment.
Henrik Wentzler & Michael Hosp
Owners of kdg


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kdg newspad

Under this heading at the Production Forum in Vienna at the end of May, kdg CEO Michael Hosp outlined our development from our start as a CD pressing plant to becoming a photonics service provider.
When it is the time for Christmas and the year comes to an end it is the time to say: Thank you and stay well.