kdg newspad

kdg newspad


Career jump in the opticomp team

Since the beginning of February, Lukas Scharf has been managing the business operations of kdg opticomp along­side owner, Michael Hosp.

He juggles components just as elegantly and adeptly as he handles quotations and flow charts. And he particularly loves to banter with his conterparts, always responding with a lightning-fast retort and a slightly mischievous smile on his face.


Henrik Wentzler 15. 1. 1956 - 22. 12. 2017

We sadly mourn the passing of our co-founder, source of inspiration, partner and friend, Henrik Wentzler, who departed this world tow days before Christmas.

Even to the end, you were in a hurry and had so many plans. We treasure the fact that we have known you and that you have supported and accompanied us with tremendous energy and reassurance along an important stretch of each of our paths. For that, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Rest assured that we will continue your mission with dedication.


When it suddenly feels like Christmas at kdg campus ...

... it’s high time, to say thank you for your trust and partnership. Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas break, and all the best for 2018.

Don´t be afraid of Photonics

Under this heading at the Production Forum in Vienna at the end of May, kdg CEO Michael Hosp outlined our development from our start as a CD pressing plant to becoming a photonics service provider.

Facing Christmas

When it is the time for Christmas and the year comes to an end it is the time to say: Thank you and stay well.

Haven’t we just been so busy and so full of ideas? Isn’t there still so much to do? But suddenly it is blinking and glittering and there are only a few advent calender windows left. So let us run outside just one more time. Well, didn’t we know the date 12 months ago? But at some point the time has come and all the rest will be forgotten till next year.

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