Richard Gerritsen

Richard Gerritsen

NEW MEDIA Sales Benelux
+31 (0) 345 570 890

About me

Geburtstag: 27. 10.

Bei kdg seit: October 2012

Seine Spezialität: The contact with my customers.

Woran man ihn von weitem erkennt: As I am not the smallest it´s quite easy to see me from a distance, but I am working on it.

Was ihm im Job am Herzen liegt: My customers, to work on one level with them.

Was ihn begeistert: The satisfaction to get orders and if possible as much as possible.

Was man ihn besser nicht fragen sollte: To refuse an order when there is no space to produce it.

Sein Motto: Carpe diem.

Wo man ihn nach Büroschluss antreffen kann: I try to play Tennis, if possible twice a week, and I like to watch a good football game.

Was er privat am liebsten macht:  When I don't work I like to spend as much time as possible with my five girls, four daughters and my wife, and since 29 July 2011 with the little boy from my eldest daughter.

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